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GJL Farms - Pork Production Division

GJL Farms owns and manages 700,000 head of hogs per year and an additional 60,000 head in non-owned but company managed production sites.

We are an animal welfare friendly system, purchasing pigs from sow farms utilizing pen gestation and farrowing.

Portions of our production is GAP certified and third party audited.

All pigs are fed a vegetarian diet, no growth hormones, antibiotics or Paylean.

Utilizing Duroc Sires in all of our pork production.

Dale Schwartz - Production Manager Russ Bohach - Production Director

Dale Schwartz - Production Manager

Office: 563-776-3003
Cell: 563-380-5188

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Russ Bohach - Production Director

Office: 563-776-3023
Cell: 563-380-2727

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